Pyle – Identification Guide to North American Birds I


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Pyle: Identification Guide to North American Birds. Part I: Columbidae to Ploceidae.

By Peter Pyle with Steve N.G. Howell, David F. DeSante, Robert P. Yunick, and Mary Gustafson. Illustrated by Steve N.G. Howell.
Second Edition, Slate Creek Press, 1997.

A greatly expanded revision to Identification Guide to North American Passerines. A synthesis of known and new information on identification, geographic variation, molt, ageing, and sexing landbirds in the hand and the field.
395 species treated (Doves through Weavers).
349 figures with close to 1,000 separate illustrations.
11 tables with measurement data by species, subspecies, age, and/or sex.
Expanded (38 page) introduction.
Detailed sections on molt and ageing of near-passerines, owls, woodpeckers, and passerines; identification of female-plumaged hummingbirds.
Descriptors (including new information and measurements) of 855 subspecies.
Bar graphs (representing the standards of BBL and CWS acceptance criteria) indicating reliability, by month, of ageing and sexing each species.
All known hybrids listed.
2,442 cited references.
691 pages total.

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