Wildlife Acoustics Micrófono Ultrasónico – SMM-U1


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¡Nuevo! en 2015: Micrófono Ultrasónico SMM-U1 resistente a la intemperie, con Elemento Knowles FG. Su poder omnidireccional y bajo nivel de ruido recoge más sonidos de murciélagos (cable 3M incluido). Mejoras para 2015: The new, weather resistant SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone features high quality FG microphone elements that have improved signal to noise ratios and flatter frequency response over our previous microphones. Gain is applied at the microphone to increase signals in the cables (up to 100 meters) therefore reducing electrical noise interference. The result is higher quality recordings, even when the cables are run along side other cables on metrology towers or in wind turbines.

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